E.S. Rosalynn is made up of two friends who have embarked on writing books together. They already had a basic WordPress website installed and brand colors, but wanted a fancier look for both in their vintage style.

Services Used:

Here’s the before look:

They wanted a similar feel to their current fonts (shown in the bottom right), so I started by pulling several new font options for them to consider.

They chose font option 6, so I used their vision sheet to create several header options using fonts 6. They had requested possible textures in the letters or roses.

They liked the texture in option 3, but wanted to see a more sketchy/vintage style rose.

Finally, they wanted to see 9 with a red outline and 10 in with red roses. 9B was the winner.

Once the header is set I make coordinating round options, which are perfect to use on social media. I start by mostly playing with colors.

They liked the colors in 2, so then we play with different layouts. 2B was the winner.

After that, we tie it all together on the website. For this theme change, we actual started by combing two different WordPress themes (the top of one and the footer of another). The options on WordPress are nearly endless, which means your final website can be personalized to YOU.

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