Social landing pages are simple ways to share your most important content with clients, all in one single link. Here are three options to help you accomplish a social landing page that matches your personal branding.

how to create social landing pages with wordpress, link tree, or tap bio.

Why You Need A Social Landing Page

Think of your social landing page as a place to bookmark popular content for your readers / clients. However because YOU are in control of the bookmarks, you can update them frequently as your content library grows.

These are especially important for Instagram. How often have you seen “link in profile” in Instagram captions? Because you can’t (currently) share clickable links in your captions, you must direct readers to your profile where you’re allowed to share ONE single link. Making the most of this single link is important. Using a social landing page allows you to share lots of different content on the other end of your single link.

What To Include

  • current opt-in or freebie
  • social media accounts
  • home page
  • popular post(s)
  • shop / newest release
  • referral links / coupon codes for affiliates

Landing Page Options

Add A Page to Your WordPress Site

You can create a landing page right inside your current WordPress website. Once it’s set up, your buttons are easy to duplicate, rearrange, or delete in just a few minutes. This is an option that’s guaranteed to match your branding since it’s created on your actual site.

If you need help setting up your own WordPress landing page, contact me for a custom quote.

The pages can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like. Here’s an example with a welcome blurb, text button links, and a few image links too. by Tailwind is another simple option. You can add button links like mine, or also include a few picture links using posts already in your Instagram feed.


Linktree looks similar to, but the paid option allows for more customization as well as optimization tools like scheduling links to update, collecting visitor emails, built in tracking, etc.

Tap Bio – Paid

Designed especially for Instagram, Tap Bio allows you to create “mini sites” of clickable images. You have to click over to their site to get the full effect, but it allows for slides that have thumbnail grids, single promo images, or social media links. I tend to lean toward simple, minimal solutions but this one has definitely turned my head with all of its options for social media promotions.

Whichever platform you choose, set up your social landing page TODAY if you haven’t. It’s a quick win that will help direct traffic among your various online projects.

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