Claudia hired me to move her tutoring center website to WordPress and update her branding to provide a more professional experience for her clients.

Services Used:

Thank you Christi Fultz for your patience, talent and hard work! We feel this website truly reflects our vision at inspired2read!

A professional tutoring center website offers a better experience for clients who are considering your educational services.


Claudia had a single page brochure-style website, but was ready for more options for her business.

Branding Process

Claudia sent several color palettes and font names that she wanted to try for her branding makeover, so I started with a variety of options in the first draft.

She liked options 3 and 4, but wanted to see a few revisions.

Then I sent several variations of option 4.

When selecting your branding, small changes matter and it’s important to get it right! You can see minor changes here in the tagline.

Then we went through a similar back-and-forth process for a matching round mark.

Claudia initially thought she wanted something with a little more personality to contrast the minimal header, so I provided several options based on her specific requests.

She initially selected the round dot mark. However after seeing everything together on the website, Claudia opted to go back to a minimal matching mark. Her final brand board reflects a professional, minimal style.

Website Makeover

The new homepage reflects the same minimal and clean aesthetic with easy-to-navigate sections that expand on her previous singe-page website.

A service page clearly outlines the center’s offers.

A team page lets potential clients learn more about the center’s tutors.

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