I worked with Brittany previously on a her Blogger site, so when she was ready to revamp and move to WordPress, I was thrilled to work with her again. I LOVE working with teachers and helping them have awesome websites and blogs to share their great ideas with the larger teacher community. Her new website is a must-see with it’s subtle animated touches.

Services Used:

Am I ever thankful that someone suggested Christi Fultz to me when I was first having issues on Blogger.  She came in quickly and affordably and helped me fix my issues and gave me the confidence to tackle more.  With her incredible customer focused attitude, promptness, and knowledge, she cemented my desire to work with no one else.  So when I was ready to jump to WordPress and create a website, store, and more, she was the only person I thought of.  Christi was a blessing to work with.  She was patient, kind, so knowledgeable, and so heartfelt in her desire to make me a website I was in love with.  She really listened to me, even down to the smallest details, and she moved mountains to make me happy.  The aftercare was top notch as well, with files, videos, help, and more.  She really is the complete package.  

I quickly create beautiful, affordable WordPress websites that help female entrepreneurs monetize, grow, and make a difference. Custom WordPress design, logos, and business branding especially for teacher bloggers, coaches, lifestyle bloggers, boutique owners, and female entrepreneurs.

Brittany chose a dynamic website package, which means everything was custom built just for her. The sky is the limit and customization options are endless with this package!

Free Library

We connected her WordPress Free Resource Library so that she can track downloads for future marketing. Visitors must register for an account to download the resources.

Wordpress free resource library


We also installed WordPress store with easy-to-navigate product categories in her brand colors.

Wordpress website store woocommerce
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