Teacherpreneur Growth Strategies

Learn to increase reach and revenue with this series of mini-courses.

If you’re a teacher-author or tutor who wants to grow your educational resource store or tutoring business, these modules are for you. The practical tips and examples throughout the marketing courses will leave you ready to take actionable steps that move your business forward. You’ll love this mix of marketing and tech strategies!

If you’re a teacher or tutor who wants to grow your TPT store or tutoring business, this teacherpreneur growth strategies course is for you.

Get ready to grow.

Proven Systems and organization

Streamline your workflow for enhanced efficiency.

Content Strategy

Refine copywriting skills to boost conversion rates.

Tech Tutorials

Gain essential digital marketing skills.

You’ll love this mix
of marketing and tech.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve heard about a bunch of different systems and tools, but your files and folders still look like a kitchen junk drawer.
  • You’ve heard you need a website, but you don’t know what to put on it or how to organize your ideas.
  • You’ve heard SEO over and over (and over) again, but it sounds way too techy and confusing.
  • You’ve heard your email list is gold, but don’t know how to grow it or make the most of the subscribers you have.
  • You’ve heard about lots of new tech tools, but aren’t sure how to use them and wish someone could just walk you through them.
  • You’ve heard you should be making data-driven decisions, but words like KPIs, ROI, and analytics make your head spin.

Stop stressing. Stop Googling. Let me show you how to set your teacherpreneur business up for success.

If you’re a teacher or tutor who wants to grow your TPT store or tutoring business, this teacherpreneur growth strategies course is for you.

“Christi Fultz, I’m sending you a big thank-you hug! I have been trying to figure out SEO and ways to improve my website. You provided the info I have been searching for in an easy and understandable way. Thank you so much!!”

Kelly J.

If you’re a teacher or tutor who wants to grow your TPT store or tutoring business, this teacherpreneur growth strategies course is for you.
Teacher-author and tutor training from Design by Christ Fultz

Are you tired of spinning your wheels?

YEP. I’VE Been there, done that.

I’m pulling back the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the essentials I’ve learned the hard way. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did or go through time-consuming trial and error, either!

  • You’re over the hype and “get rich quick” plans that promise passive income with the snap of your fingers.
  • You’re looking for tried-and-true systems, strategies, and PRACTICAL tips that are designed to move the needle forward in a sustainable way.
  • You’re looking for ONE person/place to serve as your go-to resource for launching or refining multiple areas of your business.
  • You’re ready for someone to break it down and hold your hand through the process.
  • You don’t want to do all of the things and instead want to thrive in the areas where you invest your time.
  • You’re driven to serve your audience and make an impact.

It’s time to join

Teacherpreneur Growth Strategies

For practical strategies that will empower you
to take actionable steps toward business growth

If you’re a teacher or tutor who wants to grow your TPT store or tutoring business, this teacherpreneur growth strategies course is for you.

Teacherpreneur Growth Strategies

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and hello to successful strategies. If you’re drowning in disorganized files, unsure about website content, intimidated by the idea of starting a blog, or perplexed about growing and engaging your email list… it’s time to join me for practical, sustainable strategies that drive meaningful progress.

“Christi Fultz’s presentation on how to set up a successful homepage was chock full of great information and explained clearly how to increase traffic as well as boost sales. Fantastic!”


Marketing + Tech Strategies

7 Current Modules • 4 more on the way!

1. Systems + Productivity

We’ll explore your overall content strategy and I’ll show you how to get organized so you stay on top of both product creation and marketing for your business.

2. Website Launch

Whether you have a brand-new website or are ready for an update, use this series to map your key pages. Be ready to get laser-focused and drive conversions!


Take this DIY SEO course to start your website off on the right foot and learn how to help your website show up in search results. Then watch me perform keyword research to steal my process.

4. Content Marketing

How do you know what to publish and when? Learn how to expand your reach by planning an annual content marketing calendar with a variety of engaging, timely blog posts.

5. Email Marketing

An email list is a valuable asset! Learn to grow (and manage!) your list in a way that consistently builds connections, offers value, and drives conversions.

6. Tech Tutorial Library

This library contains a variety of “over the shoulder” tech tutorials where I walk you through common tech tasks.

7. Canva Shortcuts

This module explores how to use Canva as your personal design assistant for graphics and content creation.

8. Woocommerce Growth

Learn to create and manage a store on your website. Join me “over the shoulder” as I create a store from scratch and equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to do the same!

9. AI Time-Savers
– Upcoming –

Learn to create high-quality AI content with a human touch. This module will give you the knowledge and confidence to tap into this time-saving tool.

10. Social Media
– upcoming –

This module will equip you with the skills and strategies to elevate your social media presence and build meaningful connections.

11. Data Decisions
– upcoming –

This module explores how to make data-driven decisions related to website traffic, email marketing growth, and social media engagement.

What’s Next?
– You Decide –

Future module topics will be added based on member questions and feedback.

Teacher-author and tutor training from Design by Christ Fultz



Christi is a teacher, WordPress expert, and brand strategist with a love for technology and all things organized. Christi helps creative entrepreneurs run websites that are beautiful outside and powerful inside through brand design, installation, SEO, email marketing, and strategic planning.

With over 1,150 projects completed, she has the experience and knowledge to help you bring your project to life. Since 2012, she’s helped educators, coaches, service-based businesses, and bloggers create profitable brands. Christi has built multiple 6-figure brands and knows how it’s done…. one step at a time.

You can do it alone the hard way, but you don’t have to.

“OMG, I loved Christi Fultz’s presentation about Organized & Efficient Systems. 😍 Her system is simple and so well-organized AND I can do it all in Google. Plus all of the swipe files she’s included are so helpful… Thanks, Christi!”

Debbie R.

Still have


Since 2012, I’ve helped creative entrepreneurs run websites + businesses that make a difference.

I taught third grade for ten years, but I resigned in 2014 to focus on my growing online TPT business. I originally maintained a successful TPT store (started in 2008) and corresponding teacher blog alongside my design business for teacher-authors. However, as my design business grew, I had to decide between running my own TPT store or shifting into business-to-business support for other teacherpreneurs. There are only so many hours in the day (as I’m sure you know!) and after leaving the classroom I found my passion was providing website design and digital marketing for teacher-authors instead of creating resources since I no longer had a classroom to use them in.

While I no longer actively maintain my own TPT store, I’m still in the TPT space. Since late 2020, I’ve been part of a long-standing TPT team as a content strategist responsible for calendar planning and copywriting (weekly email marketing, funnels, blog posts, and social media). I also help many other TPT teams with smaller projects and launches through my annual virtual assistance plans. I’m aware of the growing needs of your teacherpreneur business and can help you set yours up for success.

After working in the TPT space 2008 and with other TPT sellers on their websites + marketing efforts since 2012, I have gained SO MUCH industry knowledge along the way and discovered my clients regularly needed help with the same skills and strategies. Now I’ve bundled all my knowledge in this series of actionable modules and made them available to everyone at more affordable prices than my one-on-one services.

This membership is for teacherpreneurs, teacher-authors, TPT store owners, and tutors who want to grow their online businesses. It’s the perfect jumpstart for new businesses. It can also help existing business owners expand their digital marketing strategies and learn valuable DIY skills.

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Additional topics will be added based on member questions and feedback. Lock in your membership now to receive new modules at the current price!

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Members who complete all modules receive a 50% off strategy session offer for an hour of live one-on-one support with Christi. Teacherpreneur Growth Strategies does not include extensive one-on-one support, but watch for future interactive membership opportunities (coworking hours, live Q&A, communities, etc.) as the membership grows.

Due to the nature of digital resources, all sales are final. Your initial purchase is valid for one year. Unsubscribe at any time.

If you’re a teacher or tutor who wants to grow your TPT store or tutoring business, this teacherpreneur growth strategies course is for you.