Sometimes you know exactly what you want for your website, but can’t quite do it yourself. In this case, my client made her own cute educational branding, but wanted a new WordPress theme installed to go with it.

We went over her website needs together and selected the appropriate theme to bring her vision to life. She wanted a wider content area and room to include three navigation menus and promotional blocks up top. Within just a few business days, her new theme was up and running… ready for her own customization!


Christi is such a breath of fresh air to work with! If you’re in need of a new theme/design or even just stuck on minor or major problems when it comes to your website installation, design or theme. She’s the go to person! I have worked with other designers before and she is the only one who put up with my constant e-mailing about site changes or things I just wanted to do to make it look better – and there were a lot! Others just send you one word e-mails back or don’t respond quick enough. That can be a problem if there’s a major crash or error on your site. She’s amazing! Do not hesitate! 

For the installation, I custom-sized and aligned the header to the left to leave room for her to install the third navigation menu and promotional blocks when she’s ready.

custom wordpress websites and theme installation services by Christi Fultz, especially for teacherpreneurs and teacher bloggers

Before, with limited options for header configuration and width.

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