Do sitewide TPT sales leave you feeling exhilarated… or deflated? If you aren’t happy with your numbers, the key is strategic planning. Anticipating the upcoming back-to-school rush is crucial for maximizing your sales on platforms like TPT. Planning ahead not only eases the chaos of the busy season but also sets the stage for a more profitable and rewarding experience. So, it’s time to prep early, be proactive, and pave the way NOW for a successful back-to-school sale later.

It’s time to think about back to school.

Wait, what? {checks the date}. It’s May!

It’s the end of the year and we are in summer mode. Back to school can wait.

Or can it?

Here’s the thing, you have to plan ahead.

Back to school is the BEST time of year for TPT sales. New teachers, teachers changing grade levels, teachers with curriculum gaps they discovered based on the previous year’s data… they will all be ready to fill their carts in the back-to-school sale that happens every August.

A little prep work NOW will save you frustration during that busy season later AND boost your income too.

These product promotion tips will teach you to plan ahead for a more profitable and rewarding sale or launch.

Product Promotion Tips

Timing is everything when it comes to making the most out of sales and promotions. Whether you’re participating in a sitewide TPT sale, joining a collaborative sale or event (like a hashtag sale, conference, etc.), or planning your own epic promotion, you need enough time to:

  • study your data
  • create new products based on data
  • edit new products
  • package new products
  • promote new products (to gain traction and wishlists before the sale)
  • update old products

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for where to start for an August back-to-school sale.

Best Sellers

Which products traditionally sell every July/August/September? Those are winners! Make sure every buyer sees them. Start sorting through reviews and make promotional graphics for these resources now. However, you can’t ONLY rely on these products year after year because a chunk of your audience will already own them.

Sliding Sellers

Which products are trending down? These are products that have traditionally sold well in the past, but are losing traction. Evaluate those products to see if they need a content update, new previews, new covers, etc. Then promote them heavily to improve their sales. Planning ahead now gives you plenty of time to make updates in time for August.

New Products

Once you work to grow a loyal audience for your brand, you’ll run into customers who own many your resources already (this is why it’s so important to consistently add new subscribers!). Look for gaps in your store– what standards aren’t covered? Create resources for those! Look at your best sellers– what similar resources can you create in the same format, but for different topics? Again, you need a plan NOW so you can create in time for August.


Bundles are always a hit during sales because buyers can double-dip on savings. Bundles also help you naturally up-sell to increase each order total. Look for existing products that can be bundled before August like:

  • topic bundles (for example, everything you have for main idea)
  • format bundles (for example, all of your math games)
  • seasonal bundles (everything you need for X holiday)

Looking Ahead

Once you get in a rhythm of anticipation, you can work this same system for each upcoming sitewide sale. This will improve the overall health and revenue of your store over the course of a year!

If you need help planning your next launch, check out this product launch checklist.

These product promotion tips will teach you to develop standard operating procedures and create a product launch checklist.

Teacher Business Courses

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