Momma, I see you making it all work. The tiny little hands working their way between you and your laptop. The dirty fingerprints on your phone screen. The little faces asking you to play. The side-eyes if you need to take a call or answer an email at the park. Yet somehow, you make it work.⁣⁠

I primarily work with female startups, most of them moms. Moms just like you and me who had a dream for a small business and decided to go after it– usually as a “side gig” to their full time jobs.

I was there. I still am, though I’ve been able to make the leap from my 9-5 to doing my business full time instead.⁣⁠

I primarily work with…

Teacherpreneurs and curriculum developers who teach during the day, raise babies at night, and still find time for their businesses too.⁣⁠

Lifestyle, DIY, or chef bloggers who kept hearing that they should start a website to share their talents.⁣⁠

Boutiques or coaches too.⁣⁠

The businesses may be different, but the dreams are mostly the same. Ambition carved into the small moments. ⁣⁠

So how do they make it work?

Learn To Make Trades

I often have people tell me that they don’t know how I do it all. The simple answer? I make trades.⁣⁠

I trade a little sleep for the opportunity to work at home. I stay up after my kids several nights a week because I’m a night owl who works best when the house is quiet. This means that most of my days can be spent primarily being a momma.⁣⁠

I trade business opportunities for time with my kids. Sometimes that means passing on a project when the timeline won’t work. My kids are only little once; work will still be there later.⁣⁠

I also trade money for convenience. Sometimes your time is worth more than you can pay someone else to do a task for you. Example: paying a few extra bucks for grocery service instead of spending an hour at the store myself. Yes, I can get my own groceries. Or I can spend that hour on my business or my kids instead.⁣⁠

You Need a Business Bestie

If you need help making trades in your business, that’s what I’m here for. I help women in business with their websites, branding, and social media needs so that they can monetize and grow.

⁣⁠Think of me as your business bestie and virtual assistant who can help you launch your website, design your brand, create social media graphics, ad images, etc.

Spend your time creating content you love, connecting with your audience, and enjoying your family instead of trying to DIY your tech and graphics.

I’m not here to tell you that it will be easy, but I am here to tell you that it will be worth it.

While you’re making it all work, also remember to give yourself time. And a whole lot of grace. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.⁣⁠

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