This parenting website design is a complete brand refresh for the former A Family Meeting site. It includes tons of “bells and whistles” to get the most out of the unique WordPress theme. Be sure to check out those bold diagonal background accents!

Custom coding includes promotional boxes that only display on specific pages, a password protected resource library, ebook covers, and so much more.

Services used:

I really don’t know if I can put into words how grateful I am for Christi! When I was a brand new blogger trying to get my online business off the ground, all I knew to tell her was, Make It Great! And she delivered! Then, once my business was rockin’ and rollin’ and ready for a large-scale rebrand, she delivered yet again! She is insanely easy to work with, highly-talented, and a true professional. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Christi. Truly, truly, thank you!

Also worth noting, we put in a change order in the middle of this design. YOU are always in complete control of your final products. After the initial discovery process, this client decided she wanted to go with bolder colors and a different script font intstead so we stopped and totally changed the look. Change order price varies based on how far we are into the project.

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