There have been so many changes with WordPress and Google’s “core web vitals” lately, that chances are it’s time for an update on your site. I spend a lot of time helping other talented entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small businesses run their websites like a pro that mine sometimes gets neglected. I finally worked myself in for an updated theme change!

Theme Change + Speed Improvement

I decided to move away from Genesis. While Genesis was the previous “gold standard” in WordPress themes, it hasn’t kept up with Google’s core web vital changes and SEO boosts as well as other options.

When I design, I focus on the best practices in WordPress: optimize images, reduce plugins, watch out for needless bells and whistlers, etc. I try to balance aesthetics, function, and speed. Top scores on site speed tests don’t matter if you’ve had to strip away everything to get them! With that in mind, let’s take a look at some data.

Desktop results before, on my old theme:

Desktop results after the change:

Mobile results on the old theme (ouch!):

Mobile results after the theme change:

Then with a little advanced editing, desktop results:

Mobile results after advanced editing:

As you can see, a theme change and other site adjustments made a big difference in my speed scores.

Homepage Comparison

Along with the theme change, I opted to keep my branding the same. If you love your branding, you can keep it! I used the same colors and fonts, which gives returning visitors a familiar feel but the overall impression is updated and fresh.

Are you ready for a WordPress update?

Whether you have an existing site that needs some love, or want to get it right right from the start with a new website/blog, let’s discuss your needs!

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