Starting a new website can be especially overwhelming. In addition to learning to create great content, you also need to learn site organization, maintenance, email marketing, social media, SEO, etc. etc. etc. There are dozens of resources, coaches, and courses you can take to perfect your practices over time {and I think you should!}. But when you’re just starting out, it’s a whole lot to learn all at once. A virtual assistant can help.

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A Note About Timing

Many people initially try to go at it alone. They wait until profits are rolling in and they “know what they’re doing” to start seeking out connections. Instead, I encourage you to consider a virtual assistant as an entry-level service, not something for “down the road” when you’re established. As a new business you often need more support in the beginning than you will later. As you learn the ropes, you can take over many of these tasks yourself.

The best part? I’m happy to jump in at any point of your journey. Maybe you already have your logo and website up and running, but are stuck on the next steps. That’s why I allocate time each month for additional projects beyond initial set up.

When you choose to work with me, you get a whole lot more than a shiny new logo and website; you get a virtual business bestie. My focus isn’t just a “one and done” job. Instead, my passion is to work with small businesses and first-time site owners to develop a complete digital marketing plan.

Your website is just one piece of the puzzle; let’s work together to cover your social media and email marketing too. I truly want to get to know you, your business, and your goals.

Virtual Assistant Service Examples

Virtual assistant skills can vary greatly from entry-level tasks to specialized services. With many years of experience, I provide high-level digital marketing and technical assistance for small businesses that are ready to grow.

  • email marketing: installing your chosen service, creating opt-in forms and landing pages, adding subscriber pop-ups/bars, delivering freebies/lead magnets, designing email sequences/automations/funnels that convert, targeting and segmenting
  • website technical assistance: adding or updating plugins, site security, automatic backups, redirects for broken links, css changes/customization
  • search engine optimization (SEO): site organization with categories and tags, page descriptions, post updates for Google ranking power, key word advice, Google analytics and data support
  • graphic design work: background packs, quote images, Pinterest images, product covers, ebook design, template creation
  • brainstorming: website audits and advice, future need planning, launch timelines

Custom To You

If you need help with a one-time project, I can do that. I have helped clients design ebooks or prepare materials for a specific event. I’ve also helped existing website owners go through their entire library of content to update images, formatting, and SEO. Others have needed my help migrating all their lead magnets/opt-ins from external websites to their own and creating email funnels for each one. If you have a graphic or technical task you’ve been putting off, contact me for one-time pricing to take it off your list!

However the real magic happens when we work together over time. I provide a discounted hourly rate for clients who are on annual support plans. The more we work together, the faster I work and the more you can get out of each hour because I learn your style and preferences.

Christi is absolutely invaluable to me each month as she helps me tackle monthly projects that I just can’t do on my own. From adding an FAQ, to a video vault, to tweaking terms and policies, looking over email sequences, and so much more, Christi provides peace of mind, and gives me back so much time to get other things done. She is truly a rockstar! –Brittany

My annual plans start at a single hour per month, for six-twelve consecutive months. Some of my clients purchase a single hour each month for their ongoing needs and others purchase multiple hours per month; the choice is totally up to you and how much assistance you need.

Additional Benefits

Collaboration. When we work together, you have someone to help you bounce ideas around. I work with my clients to select the perfect verbiage, choose between stock photos, find the font for their vision, define their target audience, etc.

I talk my husband’s ear off about my business, website, marketing plans, etc. While he’s great at what he does for a living, he isn’t really the best choice to brainstorm digital marketing because this is way out of his wheelhouse. You need someone “in the know” in your corner!

Efficiency. It’s important to know your area of expertise and passion. When you hire help, it lets you focus your time on doing the things you enjoy, as well as the things only you can do. You can spend hours figuring it out yourself, or you can hand that task over and take it off your list.

As an example, of course I can shop for my own groceries but I order grocery pickup instead. Then I can spend that same time I would have been at the store on my business, where I earn more per hour than I pay for the pick up service. Your time is valuable! Stop watching tutorial videos and trying to Google your way through each task.

Increase profit. Consistent, quality work makes a difference in your income. Search engine traffic increases with strategic SEO. Pinterest traffic increases when you use more appealing (and appropriately sized!) images. Your conversions grow when visitors engage with your opt-ins to join your targeted email lists. I can help with all of that.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in working with me as your digital marketing virtual assistant, you can learn more here. Or send me a message and we’ll discuss your needs. Many of my ongoing clients started with just a single hour of my time or a single project and then evolved to one of my regular virtual clients.

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