One thing most new bloggers and website owners have in common is the need to grow their reach. Today I have a super simple and affordable solution that will literally take you less than five minutes to set up!

how to boost social media reach with milotree pop-up

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The Scenario

A new visitor stumbles upon your website. Maybe one of their friends shared your post on Facebook. Maybe they saw your Instagram post through a hashtag and clicked your link in bio. Maybe a random Google search sent them your way. Whatever it was, they landed on your website. HOORAY!

But here’s the thing… you need to capture those leads and work to build connections that keep visitors coming back. SO MANY leads are lost when people never return to a website again. This is one reason having an email marketing plan is important, but it isn’t the only way to consistently connect with your target audience.

Social media platforms are also excellent ways to connect with your audience consistently over time. In addition to including calls to action in your posts, pop-ups are another solution.

Polite Pop-ups

Pop-ups can get a bad reputation. I close out of websites that keep popping things up in my face when I’m just trying to read their content. It’s like someone repeatedly ringing your doorbell– no, thank you.

However, when done correctly a pop-up isn’t a terrible idea. One way to do this is to use a smaller pop-up that is easily moved out of the way. MiloTree is one of the best and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

PLUS MiloTree allows you to promote multiple services with a single pop-up. This is a nice way to grow multiple avenues. For example, first time visitors are invited to join my email list. If they return to my site, the next pop-up will ask them to follow me on Instagram.

Key Features

  • mobile responsive
  • customizable
  • site speed friendly
  • GDPR options
  • analytics
  • affordable
  • Email, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Shopify, and Etsy connections

MiloTree Examples

I love that I’m able to personalize my pop-ups with my brand colors and images. The best part? You don’t need to know any code to do it.

how to boost social media reach with milotree pop-up
how to boost social media reach with milotree pop-up

You also have control of the pop-up location and frequency. I personally set mine to show every 7 days, about how often I publish a blog post. This way visitors who are shopping around for website or branding designs don’t see the pop-up every day as they make their purchase decisions.

how to boost social media reach with milotree pop-up

Social Proof

As of publication, MiloTree has over 8,000 customers who have added over
25 million social media followers and email subscribers using the MiloTree smart pop-ups.

Try Yourself

Do you have $9? Because that’s MiloTree’s LIFETIME lock-in monthly price right now. There’s also a 30 day free trial period, so you pretty much have nothing to lose. Click any of my links to try it for yourself. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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