When you work with me, I become your digital marketing business bestie; one point person who helps you get it all done and saves you time. I can design your logo, install your website, setup your email marketing, and create coordinating graphics for both online and print projects… just to name a few popular services.

Bloggers, boutique owners, life coaches, educators, therapists, etc. are my wheelhouse. If you’re passionate about it, then I’m passionate about helping you scale and reach the audience who needs you.

My current wait time to start your project is always listed in the sidebar. If you’re on an exact deadline, please contact me to see if I can make that work in my schedule for you. Rush fees apply.

I primarily work Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:00pm EST.

All communication takes place via email to keep a detailed history of your needs and project progress. If you prefer a phone consultation, additional fees apply.

It is important to be available daily during your design window to keep your project timeline. Many clients respond to my emails each evening so that I can work on their next steps the following the day.

All payments are made through PayPal in advance. Due to the nature of design work, I do not give refunds for any reason once I have reserved your work date.


The design process is a collaborative effort. Each project goes through a discovery process where we refine your brand through the perfect combination of colors, fonts, and function.

Once you decide on your needs and complete package payment, you’ll receive a vision sheet to gather your initial ideas. I’ll use your sheet as a starting point and send several design concepts for your feedback.

I’ll then revise and refine your favorite concept, so you’re always in complete control. Here’s a detailed overview of how most projects work. I also share in-process photos of some designs in my portfolio.

When you submit payment, I will reserve a Monday start date and work window for you. Based on the number of revisions needed and how quickly you reply to my messages, designs are usually final within 5-10 business days from your start date.

For complete website and logo projects, Week 1 is typically spent on your brand colors and graphics. Week 2 is spent on website installation and final revisions. Once your project is finished, you receive one week of post-install support.

As stages are completed, we keep moving so projects often finish ahead of schedule if you send feedback quickly for each step.

If your design extends outside of your scheduled work window, additional fees may apply.

This is totally up to you! You can view my most popular packages + options in my shop, but if what you need isn’t listed contact me for a custom quote.

No, I will not duplicate your design for anyone else.

Your package includes standard revisions to modify your favorite initial concept. Standard revisions are adjustments to the existing design, not starting from scratch. They typically include font changes, layout adjustments, rearranging colors, etc. You can see examples of actual client revisions here in these behind-the-scenes posts.

Extensive revisions incur additional fees. Examples of extensive revisions may include: changing to a new color scheme after initial approval, changing your website title which requires a new layout, creating new website sections, etc.

You can help avoid extensive revisions by carefully completing your question sheets and letting me know if you have something specific in mind for your design from the start.

I am primarily a WordPress designer. I work mostly on the front of your website to create a cohesive, professional presentation. I am knowledgeable about how WordPress, themes, plugins, SEO, etc. work together to create a cohesive user experience.

While I am able to provide custom css and minor file edits, I do not significantly edit php, javascript, or other “under the hood” areas of your site.

Graphics + Photos

I do not do any custom illustration. All fonts, stock photos, and graphics (clip art) must be purchased commercially for your project.

Use of my font collection is included in your package price.

If stock photos, graphics / clip art, or additional fonts are desired for your project, you must supply your own (per its terms of use).

All images are hosted on your site directly. I do not use any third-party services (such as PhotoBucket).

The packages come with graphics designed and sized for your site specifications only. Matching items for your social media branding are available as add-ons to your package. With the add-on purchase, I will resize and redesign your items as needed to fit each site.

After Installation

The view of your site will depend on each device’s unique display size and resolution settings. All of my designs are mobile responsive.

Yes, you can still use all of the current features of your site. This means you can add new widgets/ gadgets/ plugins, delete them, and rearrange them. However, I am not responsible for any changes to your site due to modifications you make.

You are solely responsible for your site maintenance. Backups of your files are removed from my drive 90 days after installation.

If you need my help with updates or maintenance in the future, you must purchase a support plan.

There is a minimum $100 base fee for all future work. The final cost of revisions varies based on how many changes you request and the time it will take me to complete. Please contact me for a quote.

You are responsible for all content, maintenance, and updates after installation.

While I design and install your site, your package does not include extensive support or tutorials on how to use your chosen platform. I do make each client a brief introductory video that shows an overview of their WordPress site.

Your WordPress package also includes one week of post-install email support for basic questions as you use your new site.

If you need additional assistance after one week, I offer support plans that include priority email support and updates.

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