Here’s a visual walkthrough that shows the workflow of my typical design process. You can scroll to the bottom for a list of more recent “behind the scenes” examples and before/afters.

First, a look at the client’s original website {not my work}

Client Design Sheet

First we decide on the package, theme, and layout together. Then I will send a detailed design sheet for you to complete with your style preferences. I’ll use this as a starting point for your colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic.

In this case, she sent me some inspiration pictures for my design services. Some clients send pictures, links to websites they love, or even Pinterest boards. This step is optional, but if you’ve already been collecting inspiration I’m always happy to look at it. This can help round out the information I collect on your design sheet.

Determine Colors

I will use your design sheet and any inspiration you send to create your color palette.

If you aren’t sure which way you want to go with colors, I’ll send color suggestions to help narrow down options. In this example, I sent the following color suggestions. She selected color palette #7.

If you have a good idea of the colors you’d like, I skip ahead to create headers in a variety of those colors instead. Here’s an example of this stage of the process in another design.

Custom WordPress teacher blog design, logo, and branding for teacher entrepreneurs and education bloggers via Design by Christi Fultz

Fonts + Header Design

Sometimes clients request specific fonts or layout preferences, but if not I provide a variety of options based on the initial design sheet. You are given 3-5 completed header designs to begin the process.

In this example the client had sketched an example with the top of the heart for the word “meeting” so I included that as a design option, in addition to several more.

Header Revision One

Next you’ll select your favorite header, mix/match pieces of several headers, or we can start entirely over with a new header proposal based on your feedback. This is an important step that really begins to drive the overall design feel. Two rounds of large revisions are included, as well as additional minor edits to fine tune your header.

In this case, she wanted to see what her favorite design would look like with a dotted “i” heart. My design style tends to lean toward clean and minimal, so I sent the dotted heart option, as well as one with the original heart removed.

Header Revision Two

Now the client has a chance to further tweak her favorite header design for revision #2.

In this case, she wanted to compare thicker and thinner fonts.

Header Approval

After the initial header proposal and two rounds of revisions to refine your favorite, the header design is typically completed. If additional large revisions are needed beyond the 2 included in your design package, they are billed in advance at current my hourly rate. Minor revisions are always included, within reason. Rest assured, this rarely happens. You can scroll to the bottom to see other ‘behind the scenes’ designs to see more revision details.

In this example, she approved the left mockup and our header design was complete.

Coordinating Branding

A similar process is used for all other graphics in the package. The header must be locked in before moving on to the extra pieces, which are designed to coordinate with it.

Here’s a look at two of her options for the promo boxes, which can also go through the revision process if needed.

Website Build

After the graphics are approved, I build your website. This allows you to see your header, colors, fonts, and website layout all in one place while we work together to make it perfect.

If you have a brand new site, this will be built “live” on your own website. If you already have a website, we will put it in a personalized “coming soon” mode or use a staging site.

The website revision process works similar to the graphics. I’ll build your entire site using the graphics you’ve already approved. You’ll provide feedback and I’ll make your first round of revisions. Then you’ll review your site again. A second round of revisions is included, if needed.

Minor fine-tuning beyond the included two revisions is included. Extensive additional revisions will incur additional overage fees. Rest assured, this rarely happens.

I install and configure the final approved website so that you receive a turnkey site when finished.

Completed Project

You’ll receive website-quality, flattened .jpgs or .pngs of the final graphics I designed for your project.

Her final graphics package shows an entirely new look from the original “before” branding. This is a portion of it.


Carefully completing your design sheet is an important first step in the process to shape your project, but as you can see this entire process is a collaborative effort. It’s important for us to communicate frequently with each other by email during your design window to keep the project moving. Projects that extend beyond their two-week window may incur additional fees.

Newer “Behind The Scenes” Process Examples

contact me for your own website design or branding. i look forward to bringing your vision to life!

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