Now that you have your email systems, opt-in gift, and tripwire offer in place, it’s time to look at the very first email your subscribers receive. Your welcome email is the first step toward building a relationship that turns subscribers into customers.

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Goal: Build Relationships

You’ve taken the time to set up your email provider and opt-ins, developed your lead magnet, crafted a tripwire, and presented them all on your thank page. Now it’s time to write that first welcome income that subscribers receive when they join your list. This email statistically has the highest open rate {often because it has your lead magnet inside}, so it’s an important one to nurture and grow the relationship with your readers.

Design Your Template

Your marketing email provider {I recommend MailerLite or ConvertKit} comes with many templates, but you should customize those to match your brand. You want subscribers to recognize and connect with you in all of your touch points with them across your marketing. Don’t go overboard though; you’re designing an email, not a website. Keep the fonts clean and easy to read, include your blog signature, change the link color to match your brand, etc. Simple touches go a long way. Also be sure to check how your message displays on mobile devices.

Create The Perfect Subject Line

The subject line should be to the point. It’s important to reference your site title so it stands out in their email box as they’re looking for the lead magnet. Because my site uses my name, my welcome email subject line is simply, “Hello! Thanks for joining Christi Fultz.” You may also choose to reference the lead magnet in the subject instead of your site name.

Set Expectations

Next you want to give your readers a warm welcome and tell them a little about you / your site to reinforce what they can expect from joining your list. The goal here is to keep them looking for more than just your free lead magnet. Mine says:

Congrats on taking the first step toward a fresh new look and/or learning how to get the most out of your site!

Now that you’re on the list, you’ll officially be the first to know about special offers + new arrivals to elevate your brand. PLUS you’ll receive free guides that will help you optimize your site to improve your readers’ experience, increase search engine traffic, and so much more.

Then I include the link to my lead magnet in an obvious spot. You don’t want to field emails from subscribers who missed it! Here’s how mine looks:

I like to keep my first email super short and sweet, but you may choose to give your readers a little more info. If you plan to publish a weekly marketing newsletter, then you can use this spot to prep them for what’s to come by letting them know what day of the week to expect your email and what to look for in the subject line. For example, if you’re a food pro you may include the same tag {Tasty Tuesday} at the beginning of each email to help them search for it in their inbox.

Start a Conversation

Finally, always encourage your subscribers to hit reply and start a conversation with you. Ask them a question, suggest that they share an experience or tip with you, etc. This helps you get to know your customers in order to better serve their needs with your future content. This is also a great place to invite them to follow you on social media to keep the conversation gong.

Revise As Needed

Just like your lead magnet, consider refreshing your welcome email every six months or so. As your target audience becomes more clear, you may decide to tweak your message, delivery expectations, or engagement questions. Pull your planner out right now and set a reminder for six months.


  • Design your email template
  • Write your welcome email

What’s Next

Now that you have your welcome email in place, the next step is to look at future messages and how they serve your customers.

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