In the previous posts in this training series, you’ve set up your email marketing provider and created your thank you gift for subscribers. The next step is developing the thank you page that offers your subscribers a valuable gift and a tripwire offer.

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Goal: Give to Get

Now that you’ve created your lead magnet, the next step is to develop your thank you page. This thank you page serves two purposes; it should offer value in the form of a freebie and invite your new subscribers to take the next step with an upsell, called a Tripwire offer.

Why You Need A Thank You Page

The next task toward growing your email list with quality leads is the thank you page. This is the page where subscribers are sent after they join your email list. The thank you page is extremely valuable for two main reasons: traffic and quality leads.

If you use Google Analytics {free guide} or other website tracking software, you’ll likely see that your thank you page is one of the most frequently visited pages of your site. This makes total sense, right? They joined your email list to get your free gift and this is the page where they are sent immediately after joining you.

In addition to high traffic, the quality of those visitors is often higher too. They’ve given you their email address because they are genuinely interested in your thank you gift. If you’ve carefully selected your lead magnet, then those visitors are also going to be interested in the rest of your site’s content and offers. Therefore these are red hot leads!

Here’s where the next part of your thank you page comes into play; take advantage of the traffic and leads to present everyone with an upsell offer {called a tripwire} right there on the download page.

Anatomy of the Thank You Page

Thank Your Subscribers – Of course this is polite, but it’s also a way to reassure them that their submission went through correctly.

Give Away Your Lead Magnet – Next, it’s time to keep your promise and deliver the lead magnet. As a reminder from our previous post, this lead magnet could be a PDF download, a short video, the password to access your free mini course, etc.

As a note: make sure it is easy and abundantly clear how they get the lead magnet. This will avoid frustrated subscribers who can’t find it and save you hate mail or support tickets. I have personally opted to email my free gift to them directly after subscribing instead of linking it on my thank you page. I made sure to state this right at the top and encourage them to check their inbox, as well as their spam folders.

Upsell / Tripwire Offer – We’ll take a look at this in more detail below, but your thank you page is the perfect place to include an upsell offer. By subscribing and downloading your free gift, they’ve already expressed interest in what you’re offering, so this is a great place to give them a little more.

Provide A Way To Contact You – I like to provide a contact form that makes it easy for subscribers to get in touch with me. Remember, these are hot leads so inviting them to connect with you is a good idea. Because I offer design services and my thank you gift was related to their website, I invite them to contact me to discuss their unique website and branding needs.

This is also a great place to provide your social media links as well.

The Tripwire Upsell Offer

This is my favorite part of the thank you page because it’s one that puts income back in your pocket after you’ve just given away a freebie. Ideally this offer should be another one of your own products, but if you’re just starting out it may be a related referral in the form of an affiliate link.

The goal of this upsell is to quickly move your readers from free subscriber to paying customer as quickly as possible. Just by growing your email list with quality leads, you have value already in your email marketing. However, a paying customer is a much more valuable than a freebie subscriber.

This strategy works because you already have their full attention on your thank you page while they’re downloading the lead magnet. You also have a good idea of what they want and need because they were interested enough to subscribe to grab your thank you gift. This helps you tailor your upsell offer even more.

So what should you offer? Ideally it’s a product that’s closely related to the lead magnet they just signed up for– perhaps taking it to the next step. Keep this product simple and inexpensive. This is not the place to offer a high ticket item because it’s only the very beginning of your product funnel. I like to keep it between $9 and $29, depending on the target market of course. You really want this to be a no-brainer offer that’s easy to say YES to in order to get them on your customer list. Once someone has made one purchase from you, it’s statistically easier to get them to order again. The first one is the hardest, so this simple step builds trust.

Tech to Make It Happen

While this isn’t a tech tutorial, you may be wondering how on earth to install your thank you page. I personally run mine on WordPress, just like I do my subscribe page, about page, etc. If you need help building one, this is a service I offer. However, your mailing list provider {like MailerLite or ConvertKit} also offer these. LeadPages is another great option with an impressive variety of ready-to-go templates. You can even include a countdown timer that increases the urgency to buy.


  • Create your upsell/tripwire offer
  • Design your thank you page

What’s Next

After this you should have your email marketing provider, lead magnet, and trip wire ready to go. The next step is creating your welcome email.

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