In our previous post we learned how to configure your marketing email provider in order to grow your email list with quality leads. The next step is developing your thank you gift for subscribers who join your list.

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Goal: Offer Value to Grow

Now that you’ve configured your email marketing provider, the next step is to develop your lead magnet. This is an example of you’ve got to give a little to get a little in return.

The Value of a Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet is the free gift you offer subscribers as a thank you for joining your list. As a new blogger, I made the mistake of posting freebies directly on my website without collecting any information in exchange. As a result, I had no way to follow up with those potential customers to continue offering them valuable content.

Your lead magnet should be the carrot reader need to give you their email address. Email lists are especially valuable because you own the content. You don’t have to worry about the platform disappearing {Google Plus, I’m looking at you} or changing algorithms. Once you have their email, you should use it responsibly. NO SPAM! I use my list to provide education and occasional special offers.

Develop Your Lead Magnet

So what should you offer as your free gift? Something valuable, of course, but also something short and sweet. Consider this an appetizer and not a full meal. Think about your target audience and what their specific needs and interests are. Your goal is to attract the right people who will love your content and become valued customers over time. If you’re a food pro, you might offer a unique recipe. If you’re a lifestyle blogger, maybe you provide a household organization checklist.

For my lead magnet, I offer a WordPress checklist to help bloggers improve their SEO and drive more traffic to their sites. Because I work with a lot of new bloggers, this is the perfect gift to help them optimize their new sites. If you subscribe to my list, you can grab my lead magnet to check it out for yourself.

free wordpress post checklist lead magnet

Also note that it’s wise to change your lead magnet from time to time, approximately every six months or so. Flip open your planner right now and mark it down for six months later. This helps ensure that you’re constantly reaching new people with varied interests within your niche.

Promote Your Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet only works if your visitors know about it, so it’s important to promote your free gift in multiple places. Mention it in relevant blog posts, shout it out on your social media accounts, include a call to action in your sidebar, etc. You can also promote it in your slider, as a pop-up etc. ConverKit is my preferred provider.


  • read this post for a more in-depth look at creating and promoting lead magnets
  • brainstorm ideas for your lead magnet. If you get stuck, consider pain points/problems you can help your readers solve.
  • Consider the best format for your audience. PDF checklists always do well, but maybe your audience would prefer a short video message.
  • Plan to promote your lead magnet so readers can’t miss it.

What’s Next

Next, we’ll look at your download/thank you page and upsell offer.

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