If you do any kind of online marketing, then you’ve probably heard that building your email list is key. But how does that happen?? Follow this free seven step email marketing training series to successfully launch your first email campaign.

free email marketing training: choose a provider

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Goal: Grow Your List with Quality Leads

In this seven step email marketing training series, we’ll walk through how to asses your lead magnet {heads up, you need one!} and initial auto-responder series to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

The best part? This training is applicable to entrepreneurs of all types. Maybe you’re a food pro, lifestyle blogger, wellness coach, financial advisor, educational consultant, etc… the training is all the same.

Look for a new training every Wednesday, but for now let’s get started by setting up your email provider.

Start Your Email List

If you don’t already have an email list, then it’s time to start one. I ConvertKit or MailerLite as your provider. I personally use ConvertKit for a little more power and ease of use.

Configure Your Subscribe Boxes

In order to grow your list, you need several ways for your visitors to opt in to receive your emails. This should be a simple, branded, and functional process. If you’re using WordPress, both MailerLite and ConverKit have their own plugins to help sync with your website.

Consider how much information you collect during sign up. Do you only need the basic customer’s name and email? Do you need their birthday? Location? Any additional information to serve them better in the future?

Also consider the placement of your sign up options. I personally have a landing page to collect leads, but I also embed the subscribe form on my home page, sidebar, blog post footers, and pop up. These should be attractive calls to action that match your personal website branding. Browse my site to see all the different ways I invite readers to connect with me.

Finally, do your readers know what to expect? I make it clear that people who subscribe to my email list will receive free guides and special offers related to website and branding.

mailchimp sign up form example

Thank Your Subscribers

After your visitors subscribe, you should send them to a thank you page that serves two purposes– give them a gift and an invite them to take the next step. We’ll look at your free gift {also called a lead magnet} more in the upcoming posts, but for now take a look at your mail provider options to start mapping out your thank you page. Want to see mine? Be sure to subscribe to my list!


  • Subscribe to my list so you don’t miss the next free guide
  • Choose your email provider
  • Configure your mailing list and subscribe boxes
  • Start thinking about your free gift

What’s Next

Next, we’ll look at your lead magnet and craft the perfect thank you gift for your subscribers.

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