Here’s a closer look at common terms used in branding + website design services. Consult each package description to determine which graphics are included in your purchase. Additional services available; contact me to discuss your graphic design needs.

Header Design / Primary Logo

Your header design is the first image readers see when they visit your site. It also contains your tagline, if applicable.

Alternate Logo

Your alternate logo is typically a smaller version of your header design. Square, rectangular, or round shapes are most common. Typically the tagline is removed or abbreviated.

Site Icon / Favicon

A favicon is a small image that represents your website, typically a smaller version of your alternate logo or the most recognizable graphic from your branding.

Depending on the web browser, favicons are most often found in the address bar beside your site title, but they can also be used in lists of bookmarks.

Slider or Landing Graphic

Many website designs have a slider {rotating image} or landing graphic {static image} at the top below the header. This graphic is typically a welcome or call to action.

Promo Boxes

Many websites have 3-4 promo boxes / category graphics near the top of the page. These are designed to drive traffic to the most popular areas of your website. Popular choices include graphics designed in your fonts/colors or stock photographs.

Bonus Graphic

If your website package includes a bonus graphic, this is one additional image designed to match your new branding. Ebook covers, opt-in / call to action banners, stylized bios, etc. are all popular options for bonus graphics.


Stylized signatures are typically added to the bottom of your blog posts. This same graphic also works well as an email signature or in your ebooks/PDFs.

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