Are you looking for a complete WordPress website or blog package? Do you need a custom logo or business branding? I’m here to help with my signature brand discovery to get your custom WordPress design up and running quickly. You can view popular WordPress packages and learn more about WordPress requirements here.

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My passion is working with first-time site owners. I offer bespoke website design + branding services, especially for TeachersPayTeachers sellers, private tutors, coaches, bloggers, and other service-based businesses. My signature discovery process is used to determine your brand’s colors, fonts, and overall feel before any website work begins. It’s also incredibly fast! I reserve exclusive time on my calendar for each client, ensuring you receive my complete attention during your project. Website packages typically take 1-2 weeks from start to finish once it’s your turn.

Before your project

  • See the top of my website for current wait time estimate. Rush fees apply if you need your project sooner.
  • Browse my shop to view the most popular packages and custom WordPress design options. You can contact me for help with this and we will decide together exactly what you need to bring your vision to life. I’ll also give you a tentative start date, which is confirmed once you check out on my website.
  • All payment is required in advance and confirmed spots on my calendar are reserved in the order of payment received. Please note that all payments are final because you have purchased exclusive use of my time during your project.
  • All projects begin on Monday. For website + logo packages, you receive a dedicated two-week window for the custom WordPress design so that that your project is completed efficiently. Smaller projects are typically scheduled for one-week windows. You also receive one week of post-install support that starts once your design is finished.
  • It’s important for you to be readily available by email during this process to keep your design on schedule. You receive priority during your dedicated design window. If your design moves beyond your scheduled work window, revisions take longer to complete. Additional fees also apply for extended or rescheduled projects.

After Payment Is Received

  • After you’ve reserved your start date by checking out on my website and signing your contract, I will send you a vision sheet. This is where you’ll tell me what you like/don’t like about your current website and logo, if applicable. You’ll also send examples of websites/logos you love and let me know if you have any favorite colors, fonts, etc. Finally, you’ll start to define the types of information needed on your new site. I always have suggestions for you to consider on the vision sheet too. Consider this your first brainstorm to help get us on the same page. Most clients spend about a week on this step.
  • After I look your vision sheet over, I’ll send several website layouts to consider that I think are a great fit for you based on your vision sheet and needs. If you’ve purchased a theme-based design with my Plus or Expanded packages, these options will be existing pre-made demos. You’ll select your favorite as a starting point and then I’ll customize it for a perfect fit. If you’ve purchased a custom Dynamic Package, we will skip the theme selection since I’m building a custom template just for you- yay! Most clients spend just a few days on this step.
  • Now it’s time to get detailed! After I have a good idea of your vision for the site, I will send your final website build sheet. This is a detailed map of all the content you need on your new website and personalized to the layout you’ve chosen. It includes my professional suggestions for how to best lay out your homepage. You’ll return this at least two weeks before your scheduled build so your file is complete and ready for your dedicated two-week window. You’ll need to finalize all website copy/text, photos, art, etc. at this time. This is a really important step, and I can’t begin your work window without your completed build sheet. Most clients spend one-two weeks on this step.

During Your Build Window

  • For complete website + branding projects, I start with your graphics. Here’s a visual walkthrough of the brand design process. This part of the build typically takes one week or less.
  • Your branding preview will include several different design options, based on your vision sheet. At this point, we will work together to fine-tune your favorite design so that it is perfect for you.
  • Two rounds of revisions are included in your purchase. Additional work (rarely needed) is billed in advance with a change order.
  • Once your branding is approved, I use the website build sheet to design your new website. This part of the build typically takes one week or less.
  • Two rounds of website revisions are also included in your purchase. This is your chance to see how everything fits together “live” and request change as-needed. Additional work beyond the two rounds of revisions (rarely needed) is billed in advance with a change order.

After the Design

  • While I design and install your site, your package does not include extensive one-on-one tutorials.
  • I’ll send a brief walkthrough video of your new website with the basics of how your site works. You’ll also receive 1 year of access to my WordPress Training Library with WordPress tips and tutorials.
  • Your package includes a period of post-install email support for initial “how to” questions related to my work. After that, hourly or discounted annual support plans are available for purchase.

Ready to get started?

Send me an email with your ideas. I look forward to working together!

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